“I love faces in lines that have something to tell. For me, it’s always exciting to see how the image of a person emerges from simple shapes and colours put together, which looks like them but never takes away their mystery.”

Bo was born in Dresden and has lived in Bavaria for 14 years. Already in early childhood she tried to capture all kinds of things with her pencils, but then her heart beat more and more for people and their faces. Today she is primarily a painter of portraits in oil on canvas, most of which take 6 weeks to complete.

Prof. Roland Unger, Dresden Art Academy and Dresden Technical University, who has accompanied Bo Starker’s artistic training and development for more than twenty years, says: “She has mastered the use of artistic means, but this alone is not enough to “animate” a picture – she also has the gift of making the outer presence and the depth of hearts visible in her portraits.”


Bo grew up in her wonderful father’s antique shop and his magical world – that meant flea markets and dusty attics full of old stories and memories of days gone by. It is precisely this magical world that she has carried into her farm on the edge of the Alps, where Bo lives with her family, three dwarf sheep and a disastrously funny pug. The house – her self-proclaimed “paradiseandthat” is the artist’s greatest inspiration – this is where she creates her self-made giant dollhouses – which, as “stars”, have now taken on a life of their own and are booked for film shoots and Christmas exhibitions.

Inventing and recording stories for these dollhouses makes Bo free and happy and is a welcome diversion from her work as a professional painter, which will soon result in a children’s book.